Cross Links in a Spine and Leaf

4 September 2017 | Comments Off on Cross Links in a Spine and Leaf

Is Intent all that?

28 August 2017 | 1 Comment

Wait, what happened to my choices?

22 August 2017 | 2 Comments

This weekend, I experienced one of those moments that make me question the value of information technology. My trusty windows phone, for whatever reason, failed. Given I was traveling in less than 24 hours, I needed to find a replacement. So I traipsed to the local phone store, and was told “I’m sorry, we don’t…

Thoughts on Grey Failures

14 August 2017 | Comments Off on Thoughts on Grey Failures

Grey failures happen on a regular basis in all networks, but in larger networks the law of large numbers can take over and cause additional redundancy to actually reduce availability. This video considers some of aspects of grey failures.

History of Networking: Quality of Service with Fred Baker

3 August 2017 | Comments Off on History of Networking: Quality of Service with Fred Baker

Some folks over at the Network Collective thought it would be cool to sit around with folks who invented various networking technologies and just talk about the where, why, and how of those technologies were invented. Donald Sharp and I, while not officially a part of the collective, are hosting this new video cast, and…

Source Destination Routing

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Disaggregated, Hyperconverged, and Composed (part 2)

26 June 2017 | 2 Comments

PCIe versus Ethernet in a Composable System

19 June 2017 | 4 Comments

I posted a link to a worth reading story last week about Liqid’s composable hyperconverged system. A reader (Vova Moki) commented on the LinkedIn post with this question— Although I don’t understand how much faster is the PCIe than regular NICs? Excellent question! PCIe is currently faster than Ethernet— this article lists the highest speed…

Disaggregated, Hyperconverged, and Composed

15 June 2017 | 2 Comments

The future of network is a big topic; while I have written about this, and spoken about it, in other venues, I thought it would be useful to make a two part video sharing some thoughts on where I think we are headed. Part 2 will post in a week or two.

Nonblocking versus Noncontending

12 June 2017 | 1 Comment

“We use a nonblocking fabric…” Probably not. Nonblocking is a word that is thrown around a lot, particularly in the world of spine and leaf fabric design—but, just like calling a Clos a spine and leaf, we tend to misuse the word nonblocking in ways that are unhelpful. Hence, it is time for a short…