Short Take: Fix the Problem

29 May 2018 | Comments Off on Short Take: Fix the Problem

Reaction: The NRE as the new architect

4 April 2018 | 1 Comment

Over at the Packet Pushers, Anthony Miloslavsky suggests that network architects have outlived their usefulness, so it is time to think of a new role. He describes a role called the “NRE” to replace the architect; the NRE would— …spend no less than 50% of their time focusing on automation, while spending the other 50%…

What’s wrong with the IETF. And what’s right

22 March 2018 | 4 Comments

I have not counted the IETF’s I have attended; I only know the first RFC on which I’m listed as a co-author was published in 2000, so this must be close to 20 years of interacting with the IETF community. I’m pretty certain I’ve attended at least two meetings a year in some years, and…

Short Take: The Agile State of Mind

20 March 2018 | Comments Off on Short Take: The Agile State of Mind

Engineering versus Metaengineering

2 March 2018 | Comments Off on Engineering versus Metaengineering

In my latest short take over at the Network Collective, I explain the difference between engineering and metaengineering.

Reaction: Billing by the Hour

26 February 2018 | Comments Off on Reaction: Billing by the Hour

A very common mistake I see among engineers of all stripes is a failure to fully appreciate the value of time—both what it is worth, and how to make your time more valuable. What I normally see is something like this—I should be making $x/hour, because I have this specific experience, or that specific skill…

Enterprise versus Provider?

19 February 2018 | 1 Comment

Two ideas that are widespread, and need to be addressed— FANG (read this hyper/web/large scale network operators) have very specific needs; they run custom-built single-purpose software in a very big scale. So all the really want/need are dumb boxes and smart people. … Enterprise have another view, they want smart boxes run by dumb people.…

Reaction: The Pace of Innovation

12 February 2018 | 2 Comments

Dave Ward has an excellent article over at the Cisco blog on the three year journey since he started down the path of trying to work the standards landscape (called SDOs) to improve the many ways in which these organizations are broken. Specifically, he has been trying to connect the open source and open standards…

Reaction: Science and Engineering

6 December 2017 | Comments Off on Reaction: Science and Engineering

Are you a scientist, or an engineer? This question does not seem to occur to most engineers, but it does seem science has “taken the lead role” in recent history, with engineers being sometimes (or perhaps often) seen as “the folks who figure out how to make use of what scientists are discovering.” There are…

One Throat to Choke?

20 November 2017 | Comments Off on One Throat to Choke?

Do you really have one throat to choke? I seriously doubt it.