Reaction: The Pace of Innovation

12 February 2018 | 2 Comments

Dave Ward has an excellent article over at the Cisco blog on the three year journey since he started down the path of trying to work the standards landscape (called SDOs) to improve the many ways in which these organizations are broken. Specifically, he has been trying to connect the open source and open standards…

Learning to Ask Questions

29 January 2018 | 1 Comment

A lot of folks ask me about learning theory—they don’t have the time for it, or they don’t understand why they should. This video is in answer to that question.

One Weird Trick

25 January 2018 | Comments Off on One Weird Trick

I’m often asked what the trick is to become a smarter person—there are many answers, of course, which I mention in this video. But there is “one weird trick” many people don’t think about, which I focus on here. [fusion_sharing link=”” /]

Reaction: Science and Engineering

6 December 2017 | Comments Off on Reaction: Science and Engineering

Are you a scientist, or an engineer? This question does not seem to occur to most engineers, but it does seem science has “taken the lead role” in recent history, with engineers being sometimes (or perhaps often) seen as “the folks who figure out how to make use of what scientists are discovering.” There are…

One Throat to Choke?

20 November 2017 | Comments Off on One Throat to Choke?

Do you really have one throat to choke? I seriously doubt it.

Learning to Ask Questions

13 November 2017 | Comments Off on Learning to Ask Questions

One thing I’m often asked in email and in person is: why should I bother learning theory? After all, you don’t install SPF in your network; you install a router or switch, which you then configure OSPF or IS-IS on. The SPF algorithm is not exposed to the user, and does not seem to really…

Reaction: Networking Vendors are Only Good for the Free Lunch

13 September 2017 | 1 Comment

I ran into an article over at the Register this week which painted the entire networking industry, from vendors to standards bodies, with a rather broad brush. While there are true bits and pieces in the piece, some balance seems to be in order. The article recaps a presentation by Peyton Koran at Electronic Arts…

Wait, what happened to my choices?

22 August 2017 | 2 Comments

This weekend, I experienced one of those moments that make me question the value of information technology. My trusty windows phone, for whatever reason, failed. Given I was traveling in less than 24 hours, I needed to find a replacement. So I traipsed to the local phone store, and was told “I’m sorry, we don’t…

Master of None

21 August 2017 | 1 Comment

Should you be a johnny do-it-all, or so deep that no-one understands what you are saying? It’s time to talk about the shape of knowledge—and how important it is to be intentional about the shape of your knowledge.

Bespoke Processors and the Future of Networks

31 July 2017 | 2 Comments

As I spend a lot of time on Oak Island (not the one on television, the other one), I tend to notice some of those trivial things in life. For instance, when the tide is pretty close to all the way in, it probably is not going to come in much longer; rather, it is…