Controversial Reads 073022

This legislation dutifully provides trial lawyers with endless opportunities to sue Big Tech companies for something indefinable: childhood addiction to websites and phone apps. It puts the state government in charge of defining such addiction.

Recently Google employee Blake Lemoine caused a media storm over the LaMDA chatbot he was working on, that he claims is sentient (it feels things like a human being).

The problem with blockchain is that it’s not an improvement to any system—and often makes things worse.

We stand at a crossroads between a fragmented geopolitical world and a digital one that is more inclusive and sustainable. A common agenda with agreed priorities on public policy issues for the use of technology and connectivity will help take us in the right direction.

Earlier this month, I and others wrote a letter to Congress, basically saying that cryptocurrencies are an complete and total disaster, and urging them to regulate the space.

Of course, this bubble started to deflate when the Federal Reserve started talking about raising interest rates by half a percent. Terra Coin, a “stablecoin,” meaning a crypto that purports to maintain a value tied to an actual currency, collapsed in May.

At this point, they discovered a secret that Register readers have known throughout their careers: the best computer kit is your own.

However, the court has thankfully added clarity that the answers to these major questions must come from the halls of Congress as opposed to coming from a unilateral bureaucratic mandate made by a political appointee.

Beneath the ancient sands of the Arabian desert, the fuel of our modern world lay entombed: petroleum, life itself condensed by time, which upon plentiful discovery would usher in a new era of industrial progress.

Huawei Technologies Co.’s secretive chipmaking arm is hiring scores of highly trained engineers to help develop its own semiconductor-design software, a niche field now dominated by America’s Cadence Design Systems Inc. and Synopsys Inc.

The hopelessly vague language of Amy Klobuchar’s bill would export to China the most sensitive data of the U.S. government and military as well as that of innumerable consumers, banks, and businesses.

Putin has supercharged his plan to separate Russia from the global internet. The country’s sovereign internet law, which came into force that November, gives officials the power to block access to websites for millions of Russians.