Controversial Reads 071423

Indian-born CEOs are closing their firms and fleeing back to India to escape charges of fraud in the annual lotteries for visas to import H-1B foreign contract workers, says a lawyer for many Indian-owned subcontractors and visa workers.

Over the past few years, Apple has pursued a meal-prepping app with a pear logo, a singer-songwriter named Frankie Pineapple, a German cycling route, a pair of stationery makers, and a school district, among others.

Reddit, a link-aggregating website that claims to be the “front page of the internet,” has turned into a hotbed for radicalization.

Wolk wasn’t saying cable news was necessarily a terrible product; it was an obsolete one on an obsolete platform. While he didn’t predict that the death of cable was imminent, he made it clear it might be time to start looking for hospice care.

However, where the previous labor nuke decimated the white working class in flyover states, this one will explode closer to the power center of Corporate America. Creative AIs like ChatGPT most threaten one of the Regime’s most powerful assets: the managerial class.

A bid to legally muzzle critics of the Irish Data Protection Commission (DPC) is just the tip of the iceberg in this increasingly authoritarian country.

France’s forthcoming SREN Bill could mandate web browsers to block websites deemed illicit by the government, setting a precarious standard for digital freedoms, warns Mozilla Foundation in a recent blog post.

In December 2021, San Francisco police were working to solve the murder of an Uber driver. As detectives reviewed local surveillance footage, they zeroed in on a gray Dodge Charger they believed the shooter was driving.

French police should be able to spy on suspects by remotely activating the camera, microphone and GPS of their phones and other devices, lawmakers agreed late on Wednesday, July 5.

People around the world have been searching for ways to hold accountable companies that build tools for government repression.