Controversial Reads 062522

Research by Citrix shows business leaders don’t entirely trust their employees when it comes to hybrid work.

The best result for big tech is if laws are absent or useless. The latest survey of big tech lobbying in the US reveals a flotilla of nearly 500 salespeople/lawyers touring the US state legislatures, trying to either draw up tech friendly legislation to insert into privacy bills, water then down through persuasion, or just keep them off the books.

Last month, the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals held that several parts of Florida’s social media law, S.B. 7072, were likely unconstitutional.

So when Facebook points out that Apple is using switching costs to take its users hostage, they know what they’re talking about.

Eliza became a phenomenon. Engineers got into Abbott and Costello–worthy accidental arguments with it when they thought they’d connected to a real co-worker.

Over the past few years, data brokers and federal military, intelligence, and law enforcement agencies have formed a vast, secretive partnership to surveil the movements of millions of people.

The positive and negative real-world impacts of blockchain applications both direct and indirect are critical. Whether this increasingly institutionalized sector will spark a real revolution or further entrench SSDD remains to be seen.

When I was 21, the cool thing to be was famous on Instagram. Now the cooler thing to be is a mystery. Anonymity is in.

Funny — they are building a personal brand “anonymously” … which doesn’t help their career, etc. … what’s the point? Probably won’t last.

Both sides of the argument on China’s domination of the wireless market, as presented in Jon Pelson’s Wireless Wars, are moot.

The goal of the Digital Markets Act (DMA) is to ensure that large “gatekeeping” platforms —such as Google, Apple, Meta, Amazon and the like—do not use their position as a core platform to restrict innovation and growth among the companies and apps that rely on them.

But behind the scenes everything had changed: Now all internet traffic was passing through a Russian provider and Vladimir Putin’s powerful online censorship machine.