Controversial Reads 042223

Tech companies are embedding these deeply flawed models into all sorts of products, from programs that generate code to virtual assistants that sift through our emails and calendars.

On the morning of October 14, 2020, I caught a firsthand glimpse of what it’s like for a traditional media outlet to go up against the vast agglomeration of economic and digital power known as Big Tech—and to do so without the benefit of what economist John Kenneth Galbraith defined as countervailing power.

Former Google CEO Eric Schmidt said that artificial intelligence could hurt American politics and needs to be reined in.

The National Assembly’s decision to greenlight the bill followed months of debate about one section in particular — Article 7 — which permits the use of AI-assisted video surveillance technology by law enforcement during and up to six months after the Games.

Calling a business, civic organization, or even school a family may be well-intended but comes with unintended consequences that do an injustice to the necessary commitments that should be made to our actual families.

If normal means mass layoffs, empty office buildings, confusing return-to-office policies, AI panic, and the whiplash-y feeling that just when employees were starting to redraw some boundaries between work and home, an economic downturn has forced society to fret even more about work.

On April 11th, 2023, China’s top internet regulator proposed new rules for generative AI.

Many people stare down face recognition technology every day as they unlock their smartphones. But this technology also has applications in people’s places of work.

A variety of digital tools are being used to monitor workers across various industries, some of which use artificial intelligence (AI) to try to gain insights into workers’ performance.

But increasing use of AI by employers has led some to question the fairness, quality and accuracy of hiring decisions made in this way – even as others tout AI as an improvement over human involvement.