Controversial Reads 040123

Last year, around the Thanksgiving holiday, Ohio businessman Michael Larkin received a request for video from his Amazon Ring security system from Hamilton city police.

Once upon a time there live a tribe who lived on the plains. They were an adventurous tribe, constantly wanting to explore. At night they would see the moon drift lazily overhead, and became curious.

If I’ve written in this space before about “convenience of the employer” rules a lot of late, it’s because they are so pernicious. These rules essentially require taxpayers who switch from working in-person in one state to working remotely in another to continue paying income taxes to the state they used to work in, not the one they currently work in.

A federal judge yesterday ruled that Google intentionally destroyed evidence and must be sanctioned, rejecting the company’s argument that it didn’t need to automatically preserve internal chats involving employees subject to a legal hold.

From a national security perspective, banning TikTok seems to be a reasonable step in protecting U.S. citizens. After all, TikTok is merely a video sharing app that is widely used by children; thus, its ability to harm us far outweighs its utility.

And so as he prepared to face the powerful House Energy and Commerce Committee, Chew enlisted all the right people to help him get ready.

The newest generation of artificial intelligence products has inspired waves of excitement and funding since this past fall, when generative-A.I. apps like ChatGPT and DALL-E 2 debuted. But there’s a reason that many of the use cases the technology’s boosters have suggested feel like fixes in search of problems. This is solutionism.