Network Troubleshooting Webinar on Safari Books

I just redid my slides for the network troubleshooting seminar I teach on Safari Books from time to time. This new set of slides should make for a better webinar. The outline now covers—

Segment 1: Foundations
Length: 50 minutes

  • Resiliency in terms of troubleshooting
  • Positive feedback loops
  • Automated processes and fragility
  • The troubleshooting process
  • Avoiding the narrows
  • Using models to dive deeper
  • Using abstraction to counter the combinatorial explosion
  • When abstractions leak
  • What, how, and why models

10 Minute Break

Segment 2: Process
Length: 50 minutes

  • The theory of half split, as seen from search trees
  • Putting it together: a simple troubleshooting loop and the half-split
  • Using manipulability theory to prove it
  • Observations on observations

10 Minute Break

Segment 3: Examples
Length: 50 minutes

  • The EIGRP case
  • The BGP case
  • IS-IS and BFD

10 minute final Question and Answer Period

You can register here. Note the name of the seminar is changing, so the URL might change, as well.

How the Internet Really Works

Way back in April of 2014, I started a series over on Packet Pushers called “How the Internet Really Works.” This is a long series, but well worth reading if you want to try and get a handle around how the different companies and organizations that make up the ecosystem of the ‘net actually do what they do.

DNS Lookups
The Business Side of DNS (1)
The Business Side of DNS (2)
Reverse Lookups and Whois
DNS Security
Provider Peering Types
Provider Peering and Revenue Streams (1)
Provider Peering and Revenue Streams (2)
Standards Bodies
IETF Organizational Structure
The IETF Draft Process
Reality at the Mic (Inside the IETF, Part 1)
Reality at the Mic (Inside the IETF, Part 2)
Reality at the Mic (Inside the IETF, Part 3)
Internet Exchange Points
That Big Number Database in the Sky (IANA)
NOG World (Network Operator Groups)
The Internet Society

The slides that go with this set of posts are available on slideshare, as well. This set is in Ericsson format, but I have older sets in “vendor neutral” formatting, and even cisco formatting (imagine that!).