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Instagram and Friday Photos

I’m making some changes to the Friday Photo series (which is why I’ve not posted any of these in a bit). I will be posting a small copy of each photo to Instagram, and a fuller image over on my smugmug page. I will be including a link to the smugmug version in the instagram post, but because of the way instragram sets things up you’ll have to copy the link out and paste it into a browser separately.

I will be going back through all my images and reprocessing them, so you will probably see duplicates from time to time.

Upcoming Safari Books Webinars

I have two webinars on Safari that might be of interest to folks who read here.

Network Troubleshooting Theory and Process

In this course I related by formal training in electronics into the networking world. The primary topic is the half-split method of troubleshooting, which tends to be much faster than the “hunch, hunt, and peck” method most folks seem to intuitively use. This is a course I give on a regular basis, though I suspect I am moving to giving this course twice a year in the future.

How Networks Really Work

This is a course I just started developing. Essentially, this will be split into two pieces. The first part will be walking through packets traversing a network; the second will be walking through various routing protocols converging on some common topologies. The aim here is to connect some of the theory I talk about to the “real world,” so this is not about covering the material, but also about covering the mindset.

I also have two more LiveLessons in production, one with Dinesh Dutt on disaggregation, and another on various forms of abstraction and the tradeoffs around abstraction (such as summarization and aggregation). I hope to have one more LiveLesson ready to publish by the end of the year, and three new live webinars, so watch this space for updates on these.

Hope to see you in one (or all!) of these webinars.

The only thing constant is change

Several things of note for the near future.

As of today, I have moved into a role at Juniper networks. You will probably hear more about what I am working on over time, both here and there, and probably other places as well.

I hope to be changing platforms from WordPress to Craft in the spring; work is currently underway. This will likely mean some things about the design of this site will change; others will remain the same. Content wise, I am going to continue highlighting interesting research, soft skills, and networking technologies, but I will be trying to focus a bit more on disaggregation in all of these areas, rather than just floating around all over the place.

More as 2019 develops.

Merry Christmas!

We are now at the 22nd of December, and it is time to take a break to spend time with family and friends (as well as prepping up a lot of work for next year). From my family to yours, we wish you the merriest of Christmas’, and a very happy new year.

Remember, at this time of year, “He who made the blind men see, and the lame men walk,” as Tiny Tim would say.

A bit of retrospect from 2018, and prospect for 2019…

  • I posted 295 items (not including worth reading) here on Rule11 in 2018.
  • Rule11 had more than 128,000 views in 2018.
  • I am shifting roles in the new year; you can expect to see more on this in early January.
  • I am planning to move rule11 off WordPress in 2019; I am trying to find a developer to help me do the initial work to move to either Ghost or Craft, but have not had any luck in finding someone to kick start the process.

As Marley might say: “Look to see me no more, and expect the first post in the new year…”

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