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Upcoming Webinar: How Routers Really Work

On December 13, 2019, I’m giving a three-hour webinar over at Safari Books on How Routers Really Work. From the description:

This training will peer into the internal components of a router, starting with an explanation of how a router switches packets. This walk through of a switching path, in turn, will be used as a foundation for explaining the components of a router, including the various tables used to build forwarding tables and the software components used to build these tables.

Network Troubleshooting Webinar

I am teaching a three hour webinar on troubleshooting this coming Friday, October the 19th. This is a “deep theory” webinar focused on the half-split method of troubleshooting, a formal method used widely in electronics and other engineering disciplines. There are still seats available—sign up now!

Upcoming Webinar: Resilience and Fast Reroute

There are just a few days left to register for my upcoming webinar on resilience and fast reroute on Safari Books. From the description—

This training will provide an overview of many different solutions in the resilience space, including redundancy, BFD, graceful restart, IP based local fast reroute, MPLS based fast reroute, PIC, and others. The positive and negative aspects of each solution will be considered, including the complexity tradeoffs, how these solutions can be combined.

Register here.

Just a few days left to register for my upcoming DC Webinar

I am teaching a webinar on data center design this coming Friday, the 19th of July:

Data centers are the foundation of the cloud, whether private, public, on the edge, or in the center of the network. This training will focus on topologies and control planes, including scale, performance, and centralization. This training is important for network designers and operators who want to understand the elements of data center design that apply across all hardware and software types.

Sign up here if you are interested in spending three hours with me learning about data center design.

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