Learn to Code?

11 February 2019 |

A long, long time ago, in a galaxy far away, I went to school to learn art and illustration. In those long ago days, folks in my art and illustration classes would sometimes get into a discussion about what, precisely, to do with an art degree. My answer was, ultimately, to turn it into a…

Whither Network Engineering? (Part 3)

4 January 2019 |

In the previous two parts of this series, I have looked at the reasons I think the networking ecosystem is bound to change and why I think disaggregation is going to play a major role in that change. If I am right about the changes happening, what will become of network engineers? The bifurcation of knowledge,…

Whither Network Engineering? (Part 2)

3 January 2019 | Comments Off on Whither Network Engineering? (Part 2)

In the first post of this series at the turn of 2019, I considered the forces I think will cause network engineering to radically change. What about the timing of these changes? I hear a lot of people say” “this stuff isn’t coming for twenty years or more, so don’t worry about it… there is plenty of…

Whither Network Engineering? (Part 1)

2 January 2019 |

An article on successful writers who end up driving delivery trucks. My current reading in epistemology for an upcoming PhD seminar. An article on the bifurcation of network engineering skills. Several conversations on various slacks I participate in. What do these things have in common? Just this: What is to become of network engineering? While it…

Thinking Differently

14 November 2018 | Comments Off on Thinking Differently

Network Collective: Do You Really Need Good Engineers?

25 September 2018 |

Short Take: Time Management

18 September 2018 | Comments Off on Short Take: Time Management

Think Like an Engineer, not a Cheerleader

10 September 2018 |

When you see a chart like this— —you probably think if I were staking my career on technologies, I would want to jump from the older technology to the new just at the point where that adoption curve starts to really drive upward. Over at ACM Queue, Peter J. Denning has an article up on…

Site Reliability Engineering at the Network Collective

19 July 2018 | Comments Off on Site Reliability Engineering at the Network Collective

The Site Reliability Engineer (SRE) role often seems a bit mysterious to folks working at smaller and mid-sized companies, where the team isn’t large enough to separate into SRE, operations, and other teams. What does and SRE do, and how is it different from what the average network engineer does? In this Network Collective Off…

Thoughts on Impostor Syndrome

17 July 2018 |

How many times, on reading my blog, a book, or watching some video of mine over these many years (the first article I remember writing that was publicly available, many years ago, was the EIGRP white paper on Cisco Online, somewhere in 1997), have you thought—here is an engineer who has it all together, who…