Short Take: BGP Peering Updates

By Russ | 2 October 2018 | Comments Off on Short Take: BGP Peering Updates

BGP Security: A Gentle Reminder that Networking is Business

By Russ | 24 September 2018 |

At NANOG on the Road (NotR) in September of 2018, I participated in a panel on BGP security—specifically the deployment of Route Origin Authentication (ROA), with some hints and overtones of path validation by carrying signatures in BGP updates (BGPsec). This is an area I have been working in for… 20 years? … at this…

Is BGP Good Enough?

By Russ | 3 September 2018 | Comments Off on Is BGP Good Enough?

In a recent podcast, Ivan and Dinesh ask why there is a lot of interest in running link state protocols on data center fabrics. They begin with this point: if you have less than a few hundred switches, it really doesn’t matter what routing protocol you run on your data center fabric. Beyond this, there…

Research: Facebook’s Edge Fabric

By Russ | 23 August 2018 | Comments Off on Research: Facebook’s Edge Fabric

The Internet has changed dramatically over the last ten years; more than 70% of the traffic over the Internet is now served by ten Autonomous Systems (AS’), causing the physical topology of the Internet to be reshaped into more of a hub-and-spoke design, rather than the more familiar scale-free design (I discussed this in a…

Recent BGP Peering Enhancements

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BGP is one of the foundational protocols that make the Internet “go;” as such, it is a complex intertwined system of different kinds of functionality bundled into a single set of TLVs, attributes, and other functionality. Because it is so widely used, however, BGP tends to gain new capabilities on a regular basis, making the…

History of Networking: BGP Security

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RIPE NCC: The Future of BGP Security

By Russ | 8 May 2018 | Comments Off on RIPE NCC: The Future of BGP Security

I was recently invited to a webinar for the RIPE NCC about the future of BGP security. The entire series is well worth watching; I was in the final session, which was a panel discussion on where we are now, and where we might go to make BGP security better.

Reaction: DNS Complexity Lessons

By Russ | 16 April 2018 | Comments Off on Reaction: DNS Complexity Lessons

Recently, Bert Hubert wrote of a growing problem in the networking world: the complexity of DNS. We have two systems we all use in the Internet, DNS and BGP. Both of these systems appear to be able to handle anything we can throw at them and “keep on ticking.” this article was crossposted to CircleID…

Network Collective: Securing BGP

By Russ | 27 February 2018 | Comments Off on Network Collective: Securing BGP

Yet another protocol episode over at the Network Collective. This time, Nick, Jordan, Eyvonne and I talk about BGP security.

On the ‘net: BGP Traffic Engineering at the Network Collective

By Russ | 18 January 2018 | Comments Off on On the ‘net: BGP Traffic Engineering at the Network Collective

  Nick Russo and I stopped by the Network Collective last week to talk about BGP traffic engineering—and in the process I confused BGP deterministic MED and always compare MED. I’ve embedded the video below.