BGP Training on Ignition

The first hour of material in my new BGP course over at Ignition dropped this week. I’m not going to talk about configuration and other operational things—this is all about understanding how BGP works, why it works that way, and thinking about design. This course will apply to cloud, Internet edge, DC fabric, and other uses of BGP. From the official site:

BGP is one of the fundamental protocols for routing traffic across the Internet. This course, taught by networking expert and network architect Russ White, is designed to take you from BGP basics to understanding BGP at scale. The 6-hour course will be divided into several modules. Each module will contain multiple video courses of approximately 15 minutes each that drill into key concepts. The first module contains four videos that describe how BGP works. They cover basics including reachability, building loop-free paths, BGP convergence, intra-AS models, and route reflectors.

Available here.