Adminstravia 20171009

Where’s Russ?

This is my second week of PhD seminars this fall—the only time in this program I intend to take two seminars back to back. One of the two was, in fact, very deep philosophy, so I was pretty taxed trying to pull the material together.

At the same time, the book has passed through technical review, and is now in author review. I hope it soon be in proofs. The combination of these two things, the book and the PhD work, along with multiple other things, is what caused me to call a pause in blogging for these two weeks. The date to watch is the 29th of December. It might be released earlier, but it is hard to tell right now. I will do a post a little later this week describing the book for those who are interested.

Tonight (Monday) I will be recording a new Network Collective show on the Intermediate System to Intermediate System (IS-IS) protocol, and we have a long list of History of Networking guests to bring on. The history material has turned out to be absolutely fascinating; I am thankful we have the connections available, and the recording venue, and someone to do the hard work of editing and posting this material. This is the kind of stuff that will help generations of network engineers to understand their craft.

This week, then, I will be back to blogging. Overall, I intend to be a little lighter on content here than I have been. I am working on several other projects that I would like to get moving in the next six months to a year, and I often think I am just pushing too much content in this one place. Writing is a habit for me; sometimes it is just too easy to push content here, rather than finding some other place it could be useful. Whenever I post someplace else, of course, I try to build a backlink to that content, so you can follow everything I am writing.

So, expect around ten posts per week from this point forward, perhaps twelve. Up until now, I have been posting at least twelve, and often fifteen, times per week.

Now, back to our regularly scheduled content.