mentally mapping ether realms

I've been teaching and writing about network engineering concepts since the mid-1990s, including:

  • Speaking at conferences throughout the world
  • Writing books on networking technologies since 1999
  • Creating video content and online training
  • Developing certifications

But I've never developed these into a comprehensive, organized set of materials. Rule 11 Academy is my attempt to remedy this—to bring everything together in a new way, teaching all the way from basics to architecture from an architectural perspective.


I'm bucking the video and text bifurcation, using both or either where it makes sense. I will try to make every lesson consumable in around 12 minutes.


I've decided to make the Academy subscription-based. The rate should be inexpensive enough to make this material accessible to everyone, though.


This page contains a high-level outline of all the topics I plan to cover.